Morgan Bazalgette

full stack web developer

Go | JavaScript | PHP | HTML/CSS | Linux

Lives in: Modena, Italy | Is a: student



I am an Italian software developer doing pretty much all kind of things. I mostly do Free and Open Source projects during my free time, of which my biggest and most successful is Ripple, which is a private server for a game called osu! written completely from scratch with around 15,000 users.

By day, I'm a student in a Language School here in Italy, studying English, Spanish and German (alongside a tiny little bit of Latin). My native language is, of course, Italian, though I do speak English fluently.


Most of my projects are personal and Open Source, and are available on my GitHub profile, however these are the projects of which I'm the most proud of:

Contact me

You can reach me by email at the address I am available for making websites, setting up a server, helping you do a service... everything goes, as long as it's about programming. You can also ping me just to have a friendly chat :).

You can also hit me up on Telegram!